Graduation Examination Topics - 2023-2024


Maturitní otázky z anglického jazyka

  1. Family and Relationships
  2. Housing, Home, the Town Where I Studied
  3. Hobbies, Sport, and Free Time Activities
  4. Travel and Vacation
  5. Cultural Life
  6. Nature, Weather, and Natural Disasters
  7. Media, Inventions, and Digital Technology
  8. Education and Career Choices
  9. Health and Lifestyle
  10. Shopping and Money Management
  11. Customs and Traditions
  12. Selected Current Events and Issues
  13. Overview of the UK
  14. Overview of the USA
  15. Overview of the Czech Republic
  16. Highlights of UK history
  17. Highlights of US history
  18. Highlights of British literature
  19. Highlights of American literature
  20. Overview of Australia and NZ
  21. Overview of Canada
  22. Overview of Ireland
  23. English Language and Language Studies


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