Gymnazium of Vincenc Makovsky with sports classes

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Grammar school

gynomeOur school has been named after a sculptor Vincenc Makovsky. The school has been developing more than 120 year-long tradition of secondary education in Nove Mesto na Morave. There are more than 5 000 graduates from our school and among them we can find notable scientists, artists and sportsmen who worked and still work in different parts of our republic or around the world.

The school is located in a nice setting of our school garden not far from the town centre. The atmosphere of the historical building is in harmony with modern equipment in single classrooms.


The school provides students with general and sports-oriented secondary education. More than 350 students attend the school, teachers staff include 30 people. Teaching is taken in 4- year and 8-year cycles.

8-year cycle

is for pupils who finished 5th form of primary school. They get an opportunity to work in a highly motivated team and they obtain a better knowledge of single school subjects.

4-year cycle

is for pupils who finished 9th form of basic school. They obtain general education and at the same time they can deepen knowledge for their future professional orientation in a good choice of seminars.

4-year cycle with sports orientation

is for pupils who are members of sports clubs where they have regular trainings. Some of our former students are world-class first-rate sportsmen – Martina Sáblíková (speed skating), Viktor Polášek (ski jumping), Jan Burian (biathlon).


Our priority is systematic and high-quality preparation of our students for study at all universities and colleges. Students, who do not want to continue at university, can begin a career thanks to their flexibility, language knowledge and computer skills.

Success rate of our students dealing with entrance exams at universities only proves the good reputation of our school.

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Some out-of-school activities

There are a lot of extra curricula activities in addition to normal teaching. Students can participate in Students’ parliament – is made up of class representatives. When negotiating with school authorities, the students’ parliament is represented by the committee. This way (through their suggestions and comments) the students have an opportunity to influence the course of events in our school.

A choir has a long tradition in our school. There are annual concerts both for students and public.

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Days of orientation

These meetings of new students and their class teachers take place in an informal setting of a holiday resort at Zubří. Students can know each other and this can serve as a basis for good mutual relations in a future class team. Personal qualities of all the students are tested by an outdoor instructor through exciting and surprising competitions.

The ceremony of initiation

Freshmen students at our school are admitted through the ceremony of initiation .Students and their class teachers are obliged to fulfil some tasks and having passed them they can become members of our school team. The program, which is funny and thrilling at the same time, is prepared by students of the 3rd form.

Prom ball

is given by students – school leavers. They are decorated with a ribbon wearing a special motto. The atmosphere of the ball is emphasized with the students’ demonstration of a dance and other attractive performances.

Ending ceremony of the school year

takes place in the assembly hall of our grammar school where all the students, class teachers and other teachers meet .The headmaster announces excellent students and they are rewarded for good results in academic and sports contests. The ceremony is closed with the concert of the school choir.

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Gymnázium Vincence Makovského
Nové Město na Moravě
Leandra Čecha 152
592 31 Nové Město na Moravě

Telefon: 566 617 243
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