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Stephenie Meyer
published in 2005

Twilight is of Edward and Bella’s romance. Seventeen year-old Bella Swan leaves sunny Arizona to live with her father in the small and Pacific North-West town of Forks with its constant mist and rain. Bad enough she will have to find new friends and settle into a new school.
Soon she gets closer to a boy called Edward Cullen who is very , and yet he is an outsider too. Although Edward and his family in Forks for two years they have never really been accepted by the townsfolk.
Edward is aloof, sometimes it almost seems like he can’t stand to be in the same room as her, but eventually they strike up an unlikely friendship. Even as Bella falls hopelessly in love with Edward, she still can’t work out exactly what makes him so different to everyone else.
On a trip to the beach, Bella is told of the local legend about the “cold ones”, a group of blood drinkers who have sworn off hunting humans but are still not welcome on Indian land because vampires are not to be trusted. Realizing Edward is a vampire changes for Bella, she knows that she still loves him even if he’s not human.
For Edward his love for Bella is both a delight and a torment. A delight because she is the first person he has loved since he was made a vampire. A torment because although he only hunts animals, the craving for human blood never truly leaves him…
The story in first person from the perspective of Bella, so the reader only ever knows what she knows, making Edward and his family a mystery that is slowly unraveled throughout the book. The main , Bella herself, is a well written and realistic character, and lacking in confidence with a bit of sarcastic voice. On the other hand I might have expected more of the Cullens´ characters to be developed in the book.
Twilight is simply and yet written. The romance between Edward and Bella is both and compelling. There is a melancholic feel to their impossible love, yet at the same time they both are unwilling to hope in their relationship. The book reaches a fever pitch of excitement as the romance between Bella and Edward a frantic race to stay alive.

The book is at Young Adult readers. Perhaps some of them find it quite long, but it definitely crossed age barriers. I recommend it to both teenagers and adults. This book really something for everyone, even those who don’t like vampire stories.