1F - Picture description

Look at the photograph and its description. In the text there are some words left out. Read the text and complete it with one of the words from the list. Then press "Check" to check your answers.
   back      between      bit      difficult      each      ends      expressions      fact      front      if      in      like      middle      picture      seems      taken      tight      while      with      worried   
picture_descript.jpg The photograph, which was probably in summer, shows a group of people having fun on a balance beam. It all the people are good friends who have known other a long time so they don't mind doing silly things together. In the of the photo there is a person who looks a boy but in it is a girl. She is lying on the beam and trying to hold on to it really . She looks a scared because she might fall off the beam. At both of the beam there are two girls walking towards the center of the beam. Both girls are holding to the ropes which are stretched the trees and which help them keep balance. It looks as the girl on the left long brown hair is not moving and is just standing on the beam. However, the other girl the pinkish shorts seems to try to approach the girl in the middle and knock her off the beam. The boy in the of the photograph looks as if he is holding a camera and wants to take a of the girl on the beam. The boy at the looks a bit about the girls on the beam. There are a few other people in the photo walking around the garden and enjoying a lovely day. It is to tell what time of the year it is because some of the people are wearing T-shirts and shorts others are perhaps feeling cold and they have long-sleeved jumpers. I have never tried anything like that but judging by the on the people's faces I think it may be really good fun.